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In normal skin you can use any base type the two product lines Brand Tonos, either luxury tones lines or luxury Sport line.

In the skin prone to dryness creamy base preferably Ringtones or Panestick luxury line or Panestick Sport tones or Luxury TONES Base fluid.In oily skin is recommended to use the Compact Base line Pankey or sport luxury Pankey. In blotchy skin and / or imperfections bases should be applied luxury tones and Sport tones with maximum coverage.


Fluid foundation tones luxury
Compact base pankey luxury
Cream bases Pan Stick luxury.


Vitamin A which is necessary for cell growth, improve skin elasticity.
Vitamin E which is anti aging,antioxidant and skin regenerator.
Component of mineral origin which are essential for cell renewal and skin stimulation, not clogging the pores, allowing the skin to breathe and creating a natural glow to the face and fresh appearance.
Emollients are substances used to protect the skin and combat dryness.
Natural waxes that are rich in moisturizing promoting cell reproduction and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors.


Compact base pankey sport tones
Cream base pan stick sport tones.


Vitamin E which is anti aging,antioxidant and skin regenerator.
Dual Screen to help prevent sunburn and reduce the harmful effects of the sun as premature skin aging and skin cáncer.

There is not a very denite rule about it. We generally recommend a mark tones base from the luxury or sport line, within the tone skin slightly above the same line.

However in "dark" skins we recommend strong tones in base Luxury Fluid Honey, Amaretto and Mochachino or Base Luxury Pan Stick Mochachino and for white skins apply base Luxury Pankey and Pan stick tone Chantilly, Vanilla, Cappuccino, which are light colors and matte.

In the sport line on dark skins we recommend strong tones in base sport pankey tone 01 and 05 or base sport panstick 04 and 05, and on White skins apply base sport pankey tone 02 and 03 and base sport pan stick tone 01, 02 and 03 which are light and matte tone.

Depending on the size or shape of your eyes, we make up on the inner eyelid with a professional eye pencil tone luxury light or dark. if the eye is small, wide or subdued apply a tone of professional pencil for eyes luxury tone, color Beige, Silver or white. if the eye is big apply a tone of professional pencil parif youa luxury tone eyes, dark brown, petrol blue or balck to get almond shape, generating a smaller eye appearance.


Professional eye pencil, Luxury tone


Vitamin E that helps retain moisture in the eyelid, vitamin anti aging, antioxidant and skin regenerator.

Long life has an exposure time of 10 to 12 hours unretouched, ensuring despeño, fixing and pigmentation.

Waterproof, if there is contact with water without rubbing the pencil strokes, it remains intact even if you dive or take a shower, soft and silky texture with a high intensity of color, allowing you to make precise lines and defined.

Where you have an imperfection there you should use concealer to make your skin look smooth and even. You must apply the Creamy Concealer Perfect Skin Tones Luxury and creamy Concealer tone Sport Bar, on eye bags, spots, areas where the skin has lost tonality, depressions and imperfections in texture. To make it uniform and match it before application of Base luxury tones or sport tones accordingly.

The Creamy Concealer Luxury light and medium tones highlight and illuminate the skin of correction, like creamy concealer in sport tones white, natural.

Luxury creamy concealers dark colored tones give depth and reduce facial imperfections, like the correctors in creamy concealers Bar Sport beige and brown tones. Implementing this rule we will know to choose the right shade lighter or darker tones of lines.


Creamy concealer bar sport tones.


Naturales Waxes

Vitamina E

Concealer bar, sport tones is special to neutralize and correct the imperfections due to its high level of coverage and excellent durability of exposure.

The blush compact luxury dual and sport tones must be use to highlight the cheeks and give your face a healthy and relief effect. You must apply it on your cheekbones and blend softly to the cheek in a triangular way and corrective sense according to face shape.

How to make a proper use of your Luxury Blush Duo Tones.

To give a natural tone we have to mix in a evenly and circulate in the product with a special brush for blush or a soft surface applicator.


Components of mineral origin are essential components in cellular renewal and cutaneous stimulation.

Texture Powder is a highly fine and delicate texture makeup compact, allowing greater coverage makeup without leaving visible particles in the skin.

100% color fidelity for its high concentration pigments, generating high fixation and long-term exposure.

¿How to use properly your compact blush sport tones?

For proper implementation of your compact blush sport tones, you should choose according to your skin tone from our range of six colors, keeping in mind that for cold brown skin tones is recommended (tones 01, 02,03) and warm tones for white skin (tones 04 05,06)


Vitamin E, that helps retain moisture in the skin, this is the anti aging vitamin,it is antioxidant and skin regenerator.

The Sport Compact Blush Tones has a high concentration of pigments, silky texture and remarkable coverage to give light and color to the cheeks, giving a delicate and natural effect, long lasting and excellent fixation, enriched with vitamin E, which protects and revitalizes Skin.

Using the eyelashes mascara Luxury Lengthening tones or the eyelashes mascara xtreme luxury tones, you get a uniform coating avoiding the generation of lumps, use a special comb for eyelashes immediately after making them up, and take a prudent time between coats application.


Of the eyelashes mascara Luxury Lengthening tones


Vitamin E Which strengthens and moisturizes the eyelash

Synthetic fibers that extend and give a high gloss

Maximum coverage, fast drying and fixation permanence thanks to its components and applicator in a comb way , that separate and lengthen the eyelashes. Water resistant formula.


Of the eyelashes mascara xtreme luxury tones


Bamboo Extract improves skin health by helping the body absorb some minerals also have anti-irritant properties.

Vitamin E that strengthens and moisturizes the eyelash

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